e-CAB institute will be the knowledge hub of e-Commerce in Bangladesh. The institute will undertake various programs. We, at e-CAB, believe that the Bangladeshi e-Commerce sector would grow leaps and bounds in the coming decade. As it would grow, it would require large number of skilled manpower. To ensure constant supply of skilled professionals in this sector, what we need is a state-of-the-art institute. In this institute, the students will be able to learn about different aspects of e-Commerce. We shall also work with the universities to introduce new e-Commerce courses in their curriculums. At the same time, the e-Commerce companies will send their employees to the e-CAB institute for quality and cutting-edge training.

Training: Training for various private and public e-Commerce organizations. Teaching e-Commerce related courses: Offer courses on e-Commerce related subjects. Discussion sessions: Discussion sessions will be organized where industry people will talk on various subjects with university students.

Grooming entrepreneurs: New e-Commerce entrepreneurs grooming program will be taken. e-Commerce is a new field and that is why new entrepreneurs will face diverse obstacles and challenges. We want to support them and we want to listen to their problems. Based on their feedback and experience, we want to work with the government and persuade the government to create positive atmosphere so that new e-Commerce entrepreneurs feel comfortable to expand their businesses and feel encouraged to undertake new ventures and initiatives.