e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB) announced its Content Standing Committee last  Monday (June 6, 2016). Content is very important for the growth of e-Commerce and F-Commerce. Members of the content standing committee would conduct research on F-Commerce, identifying current issues and work on the solutions, generate ideas, create contents for blogs, and publish journals.

e-CAB members and officials had a discussion on June 3, 2016. At the meeting, they took following decisions –

  • Create knowledge-based content-text, image, audio and video.
  • Create contents on e-Commerce related subjects that have not been covered yet.
  • Create knowledge-based contents for business persons and organize training for the entrepreneurs.
  • Identify the challenges of e-Commerce and work on developing solutions and create serial contents on them.
  • Spread awareness and develop trust and reliability among the buyers by creating better contents on Bangladeshi e-Commerce sector.

Members and officials also discussed other content-related matter. The committee hopes that all the members of e-CAB will co-operate with them in their endeavors.