aamra infotainment limited is a one-stop web & digital marketing solutions company. From web designing to content management, event management to hosting portals, online product promotion campaigns through digital marketing to maintaining intranets; AIL has its wings spread wide across the digital world.

This reliance has been achieved since individual client’s needs and requirements are reviewed thoroughly. AIL also provides content services for its corporate clients and through its popular portal bangladeshinfo.com, it portrays and presents a positive Bangladesh to the world audience.

Over the span of time, the company has delivered innovative and unique web ideas with which it has secured a commendable registration among the minds of web viewers.

The longest running local web portal, www.bangladeshinfo.com is an aamra infotainment initiative that also happens to be one of the most visited Bangladeshi sites.

We make sure that our clients run their day-to-day businesses in an easier way by maintaining their intranet and websites. AIL, having its own ISP facilities, designs and develops innovative and latest technology based web sites that merge information, interactivity and aesthetic designs into a perfect blend. Our team also develops and maintains web contents of a wide variety of websites. The portal provides the following channels: News, Business, Sports, Cricket, IT, Fashion, Music, Entertainment and Food. AIL also focuses on web solutions, advertising and a free web-based email service which includes a unique system that allows users to send emails in Bangla.

Finally, looking at aamra infotainment with a bird’s eye view, it’s guaranteed that you’ll discover a soothing mirror where you’ll look at your own image in the form of success, loyalty and reliance.

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