About bagdoom

Introducing, ‘bagdoom.com’ as the new identity of ‘akhoni.com’! It’s a new name in e-commerce business with the experience of the first one in the market. Bagdoom.com has been designed with splendid experience of purchasing online with more fun and more exciting deals. All the exclusive and original brand products are available in Bagdoom.com. This is a blend of very many new aptitudes and all the awesome experiences of previous akhoni.com. Bagdoom.com has arrived with more convenience, ease and better experience of online shopping. Deals are even more awesome and the whole process of purchasing and delivery is very easy and quick. Product quality is best like always they were and price is absolutely reasonable. Bagdoom.com will ensure the delivery in anywhere in Bangladesh within the shortest time period.

This is a platform where most of the products will be from all the exclusive local and international brands. Bagdoom.com provides opportunities to both the buyers and sellers. This is a wonderful place to promote and sell your products. Easy, fast and effective promotional plan and expert team ensures the best use of promotional budget and boost the sale. More brand, more quality, more trust and better experience is where Bagdoom.com focuses.

Bagdoom.com will carry the legacy and goodwill of akhoni.com with more new features for both the customers and merchants. The whole experienced team of akhoni.com will lead the total process and lift the brand to the top of the market. Bagdoom.com is committed to keep the goodwill of akhoni.com unharmed.

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