As Bangladesh develops and the population evolves there is now a growing demand for quality Food, Fruit & Vegetables. The Food & Beverage sector of
Bangladesh is now a booing sector and most that enter with a good product and service offering have succeeded. We now have a plethora of premium restaurants, hotels and grocery stores and a consumer base that is aware of health issues associated with choosing food, vegetable and fruit items with too many chemicals in them from pesticides, preservatives or additives. In the last five years there has been a general trend globally of consumers
shifting to healthier options when it comes to Food, Fruit and Vegetables and the same is slowly happening in Bangladesh. As awareness about the perils of chemical ridden food items increases, so will demand for quality food and organic fruit and vegetables. In Bangladesh, fruits and vegetables are seasonal and due to a lack of infrastructure and understanding of how to process, pack and transport there is a lot of wastage and often the final customer doesn’t receive products that are fresh. Similarly, the retailers also sell imported and local products often past the shelf life to customers.
There is a growing demand and need for a vendor offering quality food and fresh organic fruit and vegetables. The opportunity for a company to capitalize on being a first mover to establishing a brand associated with quality and fresh food is strong based on the fact nobody has entered
this space with regards to Fruit and Vegetables. We bring you …..


The food space is a large one so as we launch our company we have to be relatively focused in our approach. We plan to launch our company offering two verticals of food items;

1. Imported quality and fresh food items ranging from salmon to peanut butter. We are working with a large supplier from the United Kingdom that is an existing supplier of Sainsbury who is letting us access over 10,000 products which incorporates almost everything one sees in a large grocery store. We are also working with a French wholesaler that is the largest supplier of meats and cheeses in France, so we will also be able to provide slightly more premium food items to our customers as well.
2. Fresh and Organic Fruits and Vegetables which we will farm, process and package ourselves to ensure quality. We will further diversify by introducing Hydroponic farming and grow vegetables like mushrooms, iceberg lettuce, snow peas all year round. The overall aim is to be the first food brand associated with quality and fresh food bringing the widest range of fruit, vegetables and imported foods to the door step of our customers.