Fully supported by eCloudSys’s own team and backed by a global community of developers, eCloudSys is engaged in contributing to various open source software projects as well as adapting open source technologies to produce various software products for the clients at a very low cost. It is enabling clients to take full advantage of the compelling opportunity to achieve IT and business goals, while reducing total cost of ownership with open source.

eCloudSys applies decades of technology and industry experience and architecture assets to develop technology architectures that address the complexity of today’s multi-platform, multi-application IT environment. eCloudSys has a history of applying innovative approaches to new and proven technologies to architect solutions that enable transformational change, and has been active in open source since the movement began more than a decade ago.

eCloudSys’s highly skilled technology architects apply deep technology and industry-specific architecture experience to effectively design and deliver solutions that bridge the IT-business gap.

eCloudSys’s service-oriented architecture professionals collaborate closely with global teams to ensure that they create solutions that meet industry needs and enable high performance.

eCloudSys offers its clients unbiased advice and strong business outcomes, and can work with clients from strategy through execution. We foster a culture of innovation, collaboration and teamwork along with unrivaled, large-scale, complex change capabilities. We have strong partnerships with leading technology providers and we influence technology development within the vendor community based on our deep understanding of client needs. We support SOA strategy and implementation with proprietary assets and our global delivery network for quality, speed and lower costs.

We offer an end-to-end life cycle delivery approach, from design through execution and management of a solution. Using industry-based best practices, our SOA offerings help clients deliver business solutions across and through their extended enterprises faster and more cost efficiently than traditional methods.

Applying industry-leading expertise on business processes and composite solution development, as well as Web services standards and enterprise integration skills, allows clients to achieve integration goals and build classes of services and applications that provide new revenue opportunities. Our rich and deep SOA service offerings

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