Grameen POSHRA is the brand of Grameen Shamogree Uttaranchal Ltd which was established in the year May 2009. Grameen POSHRA designs to assist NU’s and SBLIF stakeholders offering them the best price by ensuring market linkage through online platforms.


   Later in Dec 2011 Grameen Telecom Trust took over and re-branded as Grameen POSHRA

   It strives to create a value chain for products while working in clusters to promote

         entrepreneurs within the industry

   It also aims to increase eco consciousness by showcasing local organic green products that

         promotes eco friendliness

 Grameen POSHRA logo was approved by the Trade Mark Act in 30th March, 2015

Mission and Vision

MISSION: The mission of Grameen POSHRA is to create sustainable income opportunities for theNobin Udyoktas & producers of SBLIF Projects by creating a market linkage.

VISION: Grameen Poshra envisions enhancing the cultural heritage by promoting the craftsmen and their production throughout the world. Our goal is to increase the number of Nobin Udyoktas & SBLIF Projects by giving the producers more opportunities, promoting their products and creating market linkages. Its focus is to revive rural art & crafts and cottage industry: hand loom and power loom fabrics, khadi, grameen check, silk, andi, readymade garments, pottery, bamboo, jute and leather products etc. 

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