Md. Humayun Kabir is the founder and managing director of Walletmix Limited, one of the leading payment gateway service providers in the country. He has been diligently working for the development of IT sector in Bangladesh for more than five years now. His endeavor to work with the ICT started with establishing Bloodsoft, an IT firm dedicated to providing affordable and quality IT services worldwide.
Humayun Kabir’s vision was always more far-reaching than that of a typical tech entrepreneur. He wanted to take IT services to the common people of Bangladesh. He targeted start-ups and growing businesses and inspired them to make their presence online. Humayun Kabir always found great potential and creativity in youth and in order to drive the youth in Bangladesh he employed a fresh group of young guns in his organization.
He founded Walletmix Limited to make lives easy for the new entrepreneurs who were struggling to make profit from their online businesses due to the thin growth rate and profit margin prevalent in product-based services. Walletmix Payment Gateway authorizes and transmits credit card numbers securely and reliably without charging usurious discount rates or transaction fees. Md. Humayun Kabir has founded Littlecore game engine, realizing the great prospect that game enthusiasts and developers hold in the game industry. Humayun Kabir’s dream is to take our e-commerce sector to an international level making it dynamic, sustainable and profitable

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