Who We are:

We are a privately held joint venture service provider and will be a publicly traded company limited by share in due course. We have decided to make the general listing as well as use completely free for the users all the times. We only charge specific categories of beneficiary or sponsors to develop, manage, marketing & promotion and run the site at a bare minimum.

What is kichai?

Kichai is one of the highly used Bangla words which means “what do you want” in English is your local website.It provides all you need online at your arm length all the times.

It covers almost everything we need in our everyday life starting from, business directory (yellow pages), local news, classifieds (buy-sale,wanted), matrimony (www.borkoney.com, i.e. patro-patry), find a property (forrent, sale, buy), vehicles (car and other vehicles), jobs (employment), events, professionals (www.pesajibi.com-doctor, engineers, accountants, consultants , all types, technicians or mechanics), online shop (e-commerce, kena-becha.com), online ERP software (Accounting and others functionality) and many more. All of theservices are to make our life simple.

Kichai creates entrepreneurs who use the websites with a very small investment at their end along with a very insignificant network user membership fees like a car on the express high-way paying a very nominal toll for the real use. This is only the way of generating revenue to develop and maintain the site. Truly it’s to create entrepreneurs to earn and serve the society simultaneously witha view to generate or create job for educated and disabled people for a betterfuture for themselves and the generation to come.

It also provides information regarding government or non-government organization with associated information, various government’s forms and application procedures etc., with necessary link to other websites for easy access like e-bay, amazon,weather, exchange rates and currency converter, prayer times, flight schedule, train time-table and many more that you need in your everyday life. All of the required information is available with short profile look like a single page website containing all necessary information not limited to name and or contacti nformation only like yellow pages or other classified sites do. Profile also includes picture (s), video, ranking, comments and review.It also availableto all internet enabled smart phones.

We are a wholesome classified listingsite that prohibits postings of materials or services that are inappropriate innature. Our goal is to make this site asafe place for people to list and buy items and services. We scan our site daily for inappropriate content, scams or offers that are too good to be true. You also have a chance to win a free mobilephone set or iPod Shuffle and other great giveaways every month just for posting your classified listings and that’s just the beginning.

Why choose us:

What sets us apart is that for every new and up-graded listing, we put your email in the monthly draw list with opportunity to get an iphone, prize bond, lap-top, air-ticket to travel locally as well as internationally, cash money to spend or any other means that is determined time to time by the management. We also donate 10% of the site earnings to charity like Anjuman Mofidul Islam or spend to train a disabled person so that person trained is permanently self-employed. We prefer incumbent from “Centrefor Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed: Savar, Bangladesh” or similar organizations.

We also provide you with longer listing times so you don’t have to repost your item every week. Our website is simple to use and you can get your ad up and listed in no time. We allow you to post lots of photos and you can even add a video of your product and coupons if you are posting a service. We even allow you to have a profile with your own picture for a personalized look so people get to know you by face. You can also rate sellers and leave comments. Wanna list for others and make some extra cash we allow that as well with bulk listings. For any paid advertisements we treat you as a self-employed person and allow you to earn the most out of it i.e. you can gain the most retaining a very little service charge required to run anddevelop the site.

So what does this really mean?

The internet can be areally big and complex place. Kichai aims to make it as simple as possible for the Bangladeshi internet user to transfer onto the web some of the important things they would usually do in their daily lives within their community. The beta (i.e. trial) version of Kichai includes few distinct features thataddressneeds of the community online:

The KichaiPhilosophy

Kichai’s aim to create a platform that is easily accessible to all and enable communities to connect with one another in a seamless manner and make kichai as a synonym of “All You Need Everyday (AYNE)”.

We want to improve our site continuously and will learn more about what works, what doesn’t and new ideas through sophisticated performance and measurement tools as well as feedback from our users.

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