To engage in IT enabled solution development, import or export and related services providing, distributions and channelling, hardware import and export and also to offer computer training facilities to train up and develop Technical man power and also to offer consultancy services in all technological and development sector. To export and import technology & solutions to local and foreign market. To provide consultancy for market development and promotion with full production support to produce and making of both commercial and non-commercial drama, documentary, movie, advertisement, film and multimedia solutions, online healthcare solution. To provide public relation and communication services, market research and branding. To establish a start-up incubator centre to create partnership and do viable business with the start-up companies.

To carry on the business of all sorts of import & export business, medicine equipment import, buy, sell, supply & assemble. To carry on the business of Computer based Education, Web design, IT Consultancy. To established Training Centre, Printing & Publications, Data processing, System Designing, Graphics design, Software and Hardware Maintenance, Installation and other service related to Information Technology. To undertake necessary projects connected and relevant with the business of medicine sector. Medical training facilities to train up and develop technical man power of the health sector.

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