Proposed role in the project: Team Leader/Consultant

Family name:   Chowdhury

  1. First name: Munir
  2. Date of birth: 16 / 06/ 1960
  3. Nationality: Bangladeshi
  4. Civil status: -
  5. Education:
Institution [ Date from – Date to ] Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:
University of Birmingham, England, UK, 1996 Master’s in Social Science (Development Administration), Grade A
University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1986 MBA, Major in Finance, Institute of Business Administration, First Class
University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1981 B Sc (Hons) in Science Second Class
  1. Language skills (indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5; 1 – excellent; 5 – basic):
Language Reading Speaking Writing
English 1 1 1
Bangla 1 1 1
  1. Membership of professional bodies: American Economic Association (USA, 1994); Birmingham University Alumni Association (UK, 1995); Harvard Kennedy School Alumni Association(USA, 2018); IBA Alumni Association (Dhaka, 1986); Bangladesh Civil Service Administration Association (1986); Officer’s Club (Dhaka, 1993).
  2. Other skills: Fully computer literate.
  3. Present position: Retired civil servant.
  4. Years within the firm: -
  5. Key qualifications (relevant to the project):
  • Worked in the Ministry of Commerce from 2014-2016 as Joint secretary, and as Director General from 2016-2019. Now retired;
  • Expertise on tariff structure and IDB data base, Export-Import Policy and procedure and policy design, trade facilitation implementation procedure for Bangladesh;
  • Member secretary of the National Trade Facilitation Implementation Committee and directly related with the updating the National trade Portal;
  • Head of Foreign Trade Agreement wing of Ministry of Commerce from August 2014 to January 2017;
  • Numerous research and analytical works on international trade issues, especially those relating to World Trade Organization (WTO), Regional Trade Agreements such as SAFTA, APTA, BIMSTEC, D8, TPS-OIC;
  • Experienced in dealing all kind of Bilateral Trade Agreement Policies with India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, China, and Malaysia, Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA) policy issues as well as Rules of Origin and GSP issues;
  • Project Director and head of Project Implementing Agency in the Strengthening Institutional Capacity and Human Resource Development for trade Promotion Project (EIF, WTO), Export Diversification Project (EIF, WTO), Bangladesh Regional Connectivity Project-1 and E-Commerce project;
  • Involved in the Diagnostic Trade Integration Study Update (DTISU) of Bangladesh and Trade Roadmap for Sustainable Graduation (TRSG), DTISU Action Matrix involving all the 39 trade related agencies including the private sectors.
  1. Specific experience in the region:
Country Date from – Date to
Bangladesh 1986-present


  1. Professional experience:
Date Location Company Position Description
06/2019-ongoing Bangladesh N/A Independent Expert Expert on Trade and trade negotiation issues with extensive knowledge of the Bangladeshi context.
2014-13/06/ 2019 Bangladesh Ministry of Commerce, WTO Cell Director General and Joint Secretary Responsible for World trade Organization Agreements and regulatory framework and International Trade Policies Issues including LDC Graduation Challenges and way forward, Preferential and Duty free and Quota Free market access, Special and Differential facilities for the LDCs, export product and market diversification, tariff rationalization. Details are given bellow:§  Carried out the research and analytical work on international trade issues, especially related to WTO, Regional Trade Agreements such as SAFTA, APTA, BIMSTEC, D8, TPS-OIC.  All kind of Bilateral Trade Agreement Policy with India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, China, Malaysia;§  Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA) policy issues. Rules of Origin and GSP issues. Issues related with the South Asian Sub-regional Economic Cooperation (SASEC) and Bangladesh China India Myanmar (BCIM) forum Multilateral bodies i.e. UNESCAP, UNCTAD, WB, ADB, WTO related issues, value chains and handled the LDC graduation issues as well as Sustainable Development Goals;

§  Formulating of development-oriented trade and investment policies – negotiation of trade and investment agreements;

§  Organized capacity building programmes for government policy makers, researchers and private sector on how to make evidence-based development policies;

§  Associated to WTO trade policy review mechanism and focal point for preparing Bangladesh position paper on WTO Ministerial meeting and Trade and Investment Cooperation Agreement (TICFA) with USA;

§  Represented Bangladesh in several negotiations on WTO, Preferential Trade Agreements, Free Trade Agreements and Rules of Origin, Tariff Schedule in SAFTA, APTA, BIMSTEC, India, Nepal, Sri-Lanka, Bhutan etc.;

§  Handled Trade remedies, Non-tariff Barriers and Measures issues and attended several multi-lateral meeting and negotiations;

§  As Director General from 2016 onwards dealt with the LDC graduation process and the Istanbul Programme of Actions (IPoA) and developed the issues, targets and action plan matrix. Was focal points of the Commerce Ministries’ impact assessed of LDC graduation.

1986-2013 Bangladesh Various Senior Civil Servant in various positions Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief, Joint Secretary (2009-2013); Ministry of LGRD & Co-operatives, Deputy Secretary (2007-2008); Ministry of Land, Deputy Secretary (2005-2007); Ministry of Land, Senior Assistant Secretary (2003-2005); Ministry of LGRD & Cooperatives, Senior Assistant Secretary (2002-2003); Economic Relation Divisions, Senior Assistant Secretary (2001-2002); Ministry of Fishery & Livestock, Senior Assistant Secretary (1999-2000); Ministry of Shipping, Senior Assistant Secretary (1998-1999); UNO, Bandar, Narayangonj (1997-1998); Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources, Senior Assistant Secretary (1993-1995); Prime Minister’s Office, Assistant Secretary (1991-1992); Ministry of Finance, Assistant Secretary (1988.1999); Assistant Commission (1986-1987).
  1. Other (publications): Bangladesh Position paper on 11th WTO Ministerial Meeting, Bangladesh Position Paper on Trade and Investment Cooperation Agreement (TICFA) between Bangladesh and USA, Diagnostic Trade Integration Study and Sustainable Graduation, Position Paper on 45th and 47th Asia Pacific Trade Agreement, Position Paper on BIMSTEC 20th Trade Negotiation Committee Meeting Government report on “Trade Policy Review” 2018.

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