Muhammad Abdul Haque is the Chairman of Arpan Communication and the Assistant Editor of Computer Jagat, the first and highest circulated ICT magazine in Bangladesh . He has been a leader in ICT journalism since the beginning of his career. His expertise is encompassing publication, devising art works, business promotion, business analysis, planning and monitoring. His contribution in ICT journalism has placed him among the front line contributors who have been working heart and soul for the ICT development of the country.

He is the Director of e-Commerce Fair in Bangladesh since the beginning of its journey. Realizing the potentiality of this sector in the country, he has been playing a pioneering role in organizing e-Commerce Fair as a convener at different districts in Bangladesh and overseas in the UK associating with the Ministries, District Administration and e-Commerce based companies. Due to their diligent efforts, e-Commerce Business is becoming popular day by day in Bangladesh .

Muhammad Abdul Haque has strong organizing and leadership skills demonstrated through out his career. He is the Secretary General of Bangladesh Internet Governance Forum (BIGF), Executive Member (Ex-President) of Bangladesh ICT Journalist Forum (BIJF) and Treasurer of Bangladesh Science Writers & Journalist Forum (BSWJF).  He presents Bangladesh in the world arena with his expertise and experience. He is a regular representative of United Nation Internet Governance Forum Seminar and has traveled to Egypt , Lithuania , Kenya & Japan on the same purpose. He has presented his country in the World Congress on ICT4D in China . Apart from all these, he has visited HP Products Seminar in Thailand and Singapore , Canon Products Seminar in Vietnam and Samsung Products Seminar in India . He is devoted in his mission to uphold the ICT sector of his country internationally and he has always been a strong supporter of any initiative that welcomes improvement of the sector.

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