Md. Abdul Wahed Tomal is the CEO of Comjagat Technologies, a partisan of Computer Jagat, the first and highest circulated ICT magazine in Bangladesh . He has been working in the area of Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D), since 2001. He is skilled in business development in the area of software, web applications and content development. He has more than a decade of experience in ICT journalism with Computer Jagat Magazine as a Technical Editor. Additionally, he has experience to work as an IT Knowledge Management Infrastructure Specialist at Asian Development Bank (ADB), IT Consultant at Ministry of Women and Children Affairs and as a Research Assistant at UNDP.

Tomal has been an enthusiast of e-Commerce in Bangladesh since the beginning of his career as he realizes the growing potentiality of this sector in the country. He is playing a pioneering role in organizing e-Commerce Fair as a convener at different districts in Bangladesh and overseas in the UK associating with the Ministries, District Administration and e-Commerce based companies. Due to their diligent efforts, e-Commerce Business is becoming popular day by day in Bangladesh .

He founded Comjagat Techologies in 2007 to provide web based services to his huge client base. His web portal won National Digital Innovation Award in 2010. He introduced Live Webcasting service in Bangladesh . Apart from software development related projects, organizing events and fairs, Comjagat Technologies is involved in several e-Learning projects with the Government and educational institutions.

Tomal has expert knowledge in dealing with the Government because of the projects he has been leading since his early career. He is experienced in conducting research and contributing in policy making of e-Governance at different ministries such as, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Environment, Agricultural Service etc. He is collaborating with Ministry of ICT (MoICT), Ministry of Woman and Children Affairs (MoWCA) and Access to Information Programme (A2I) under Prime Minister’s Office for his recent projects and activities. Apart from the Government sector, Tomal has experience of working in Banking, Telecommunication, development organizations, non-profit organizations and international organizations.

He participated in the events of International Telecommunication Union and World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) as a representative of Bangladesh while encouraging the youth of the country to play a leadership role in ICT. He was honored with the Fellowship of Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP), UNDP and e-Content Award from D.Net. He has a vision to lead the ICT development of Bangladesh and he has been working heart and soul for his dream to represent the ICT of the country in the world arena.