Nahim Razzaq was born in a political family, father being Md. Adbur Razzaq, a freedom fighter and one of the leading political organizers of the 1971 Liberation war. Md. Abdur Razzaq was one of the most prominent political leaders of Bangladesh, being elected in the National Parliament 5 times, former Minister of Water Resources in the Awami League lead government of 1996-2001 cabinet. Nahim Razzaq’s mother a former teacher as well as a social worker being the chairperson of Abdur Razzaq Foundation along with holding responsibilities in various educational institutions. Nahim is married to Maleya Hossian with two sons and his wife is an entrepreneur involved in various social and business ventures.

Nahim is engaged in various social activities being the founding convener of the National Youth Platform names YOUNG BANGLA (, created to facilitate the youth of this generation into policy formation and contributing to the development of the country. He is also involved with youth development programs, being member of the Parliamentary Standing Committee of Ministry of Youth and Sports. He is engages with 10 Colleges and Secondary Schools as the chairperson. He is also involved with climate change as the convener of CLIMATE PARLIAMENT (, Bangladesh chapter in advocating amongst legislatures and stake holders in Bangladesh and around the world focusing on reduction of Fossil fuel usage and shifting the funds in promoting Renewable Energy. He is also involved in promoting E-commerce in Bangladesh as such been nominated as one of the advisor of E-commerce Association of Bangladesh.

Nahim’s area of interest is on Youth Development programs, raising awareness in the Climate Change aspects along with Infra-structure/Grass root developments. He is an advocate of sports program development and takes keen interest in maintaining regional a youth leader’s network.

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