NS International is one of the greatest “ Hunter for clients satisfaction “ in IT sector for all over Bangladesh. Now a days technology is an essential part of human lives. Everyone is known about most popular technologies but not all. Some people in our country are already used to with technologies but very few of them get proper services they need . As a up growing country of the world most of us has not facilities to use technologies.

So, we are here beside them to providing awareness, essential, advises, services with best technology and must with best prices.

We are conscious of the impact of great IT solutions – they generate and reinforce the bonding between product and customer. Our products linkage spans, ensuring we’re always close to our customers and respond instantly when their requirements changes. We use the latest products tracking technology to provide complete supply and service chain visibility on the status of their needs. We have promises with the resources to bloom and help our country people to prosper in this rapidly changing industry.


NS offers to the clients higher quality of products, expertise in service, on time delivery, instant replacing warranty support and compromised price. With a perception to world trends, a promise of quality and established a runway for years in IT sector as entrepreneur, we’re well-placed to deliver. That’s why we’re a trusted agent of some of the world’s renowned brands.The traditional, sourcing-driven supply chain has transitioned into a market-driven supply chain that is far more complex and demanding than the predictable model. Retailers must anticipate trends and respond to sudden shifts in the global marketplace while maintaining the quality of their products and working with drastically reduced lead times.Being a member of group of companies and having central localisation office and local areas service centers  we’re well equipped to support our customers sooner.We know how important is to keep developing, just like our customers, to meet the needs of quick changing live hood . That’s why we use the latest technology to ensure transparency. We try to maintain both ethical and practical benefits. The precision of our systems eliminates downtime and we’re able to deliver the best quality products and services every time.

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