We are manufacturing a various style of indoor living furniture.

Our factories are specialized in eco-friendly recycled paper furniture in Dong Guang and, MDF/particleboard furniture manufacturing and locates in Shenzhen, China.

Total area of production complex:
60, 000 square meter with
6 production lines and 2 warehouses.
Total work force: 500-520 workers
plus 20-30 engineers.
Output Capacity:
100-120 * 40feet containers per month

Products include:
New technology products(with Taiwan/China /Japan/Germany/U.S.A patents protected)
Eco-friendly recycled paper furniture — recycled paper tubes and ABS parts

Paper foil and PVC foil laminated particleboard and MDF Board. Hollow core panel structure (with optional chronicle paper honeycomb reinforcement) to reduce weight in shipping and delivery.

Either knockdown or pre-assembled. Home/office storage units, Computer desk, Work station, Book shelves, Wall-mountable shelves, Writing desk, Kitchen cabinet, Dining table, Shoe cabinet, drawer bed, Wardrobe, Bathroom rack/cabinet, Coffee table, etc.

There are 500 items of products on line. Should you need more details on these new products,
or indeed any other products from us, please send your e-mail or, fax to us right away.

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