Onnokichhu.com is a newly formed portal for selling all kinds of products online from all over the country based on an e-commerce concept. The company has been established in January 2014. A total of 5 directors including NRBs from different software companies and IT professionals have formed this new company for doing this e-Commerce business nationally and internationally.


To improve the way people live and work

To remove the middle man of any trade in Bangladesh, so that the actual goods’ producers are benefited by receiving the actual price of the products. It will also provide the best price for the consumers.

To our client:

our vision is to provide our clients with innovative new features that enhance the relevance and effectiveness of our products and services through the use of the latest Internet-based E-commerce technologies and to maintain our position as industry technology leader through robust investment in research and development.

To our employees:

Our vision is to offer employees the opportunity to be part of a dynamic, growing and winning organization, focused on providing clients and investors outstanding products, services and returns.


To our clients:

Our mission is to offer a world class complete e-commerce experience. Providing you with the best technology and IT personnel working for you to meet your complete E-commerce needs. We take pride in offering you world class E-commerce services at an affordable price through outsourcing. We are not satisfied until you, the client is satisfied.

To our employees:

Our mission is to offer a stimulating and rewarding professional work environment to our employee by encouraging entrepreneurial sprint and create thinking, while upholding the highest ethical standards.

To our Share Holder:

Our mission is to work tirelessly to enhance shareholder value by maintaining the leading market position in our industry through hard work, ingenuity and integrity.

Our Objective

1. Reduce Extortion

2. Reduce Traffic Jam

3. Earning Foreign Currency

4. Employment

Deliver the highest quality products and services to our clients.

Provide a superior user experience for our clients

Help our clients grow in their key markets period.

Achieve the highest level of integrity in all that we do for our clients.

Focus on delivering profitable growth. Provide the best and brightest IT employee around the world for our clients.

Our values

Service & Respect

Integrity & Trust

Teamwork & Accountability

Our culture

Customer driven

Understand our customers

Get it right first time

Reliable, customer-ready products

Own the customer relationship

Keep our promises

Courteous and helpful

Collaborative and Innovative

Creative and passionate

Solutions driven

Value diverse ideas

See the next opportunity

Collaborate togethe

One team

Winning culture

Know our competition

Act with urgency

Agile and responsive

Empowered to deliver


Be the best

How Are We Different

Customer-Oriented Approach

Unlike many others our solutions are not ‘one-size-fits-all’. We craft each solution keeping in mind the customers’ specific requirements.


By setting clear objectives, fixing the priorities, organising the resources-and rigorously monitoring the growth of project.


Think and do out of the box by setting the minds free. We also seek the unrevealed possibilities, hidden in feedbacks and suggestions of clients and co-workers.

Standard Of Measuring Success

Client satisfaction