GObd is a logistics service provider for hyper express delivery services for customers & vendors in Dhaka. Given the nature & composition of its products, GObd is the ideal firm to fulfill this requirement, by providing an innovative solution to the challenges of traditional logistics services through a data & technology driven approach. GObd has deployed an innovative new platform for hyper express deliveries & logistics by combining the existing traffic information platform with traditional logistics services called GO! Fetch.   The GO! Fetch service will allow clients to quickly & efficiently send & receive packages, documents & other items through a safe & secure network of dedicated delivery assets with:
Real-time tracking: GO! Fetch delivery assets are equipped with real-time tracking while enroute to pick-up points & delivery points to ensure greater accountability for the benefit of the client.
Traffic-optimized Routing: GO! Fetch leverages real-time & historic traffic data to create the fastest possible dispatch routes with Estimated Travel Times.
Notifications: Clients are provided with notifications for when shipments are picked up, enroute & upon arrival for greater convenience.
Improved Customer Experience: Fetch aims to improve customer experience, thereby ensuring better brand loyalty and revenue for the client.

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