Dhaka based online leather shop, though RAVEN provides service all over the country. RAVEN follows underground fashion style solely based on Leather. Gothic Fashion & Heavy Metal fashion is current outline. RAVEN also provides Customized service.

In 2013 R K Hannan (aka Sufe) opened beta version of www.ravenleatherz.com as online leather goods and footwear seller. In 2014 it has released final version under brand name RAVEN. Since then RAVEN become popular brand in Bangladesh for Leather Goods especially for Genuine Leather Jacket in Dhaka, Bangladesh. By 2017 RAVEN has became NO 1 Leather Jacket Brand in the country.

Now RAVEN making scopes to expand market beyond country’s boundary. RAVEN wants to compete global market of Leather Goods and Footwear as leading and promising e-commerce site and brand from Bangladesh.