About Us

Established in 2011, Razia International is a 100% export oriented garment accessories manufacturer &

supplier in Bangladesh. It’s providing the all types of accessories support to woven, Knit, Sweater factory

and overall garments accessories solution. Clients are based in home and abroad.

Razia International has obtained a reputation throughout the garments factory in Bangladesh for timely

delivery, quality and effective cost. We are a presented to excellence in product, product development

and buyer requirement mentality. Our Buyer’s believe on us the best quality goods to deliver.

We have extremely professional, good technical sound and obtained staff. We are elated of our staff, who

are member our company development. Razia International has responsibility in his staff for take care,

sharing happiness-sorrow, get together, family environment and various social activities.

We are registered:

1) Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC), RegNo-359/2013.

2) Registered of Joint Stock Companies (RJSC), RegNo-P-36434.

3) Trade License in Dhaka North City Corporation, RegNo-04-02300.

4) Vat Registration No-19031071435-190103.

Our Products-
Ribbon Products: Woven Main & Size Label, Woven satin label, Lace label, Printed Main & Size Label

(Satin/ Paper Touch/ Twill Tape), Reference Label, etc.

Paper Products: Photo Card, Price Tag, Hang Tag, Size Sticker, Barcode Sticker, Photo Sticker Back,

Back Board, Neck Board, Tissue Paper, Box, etc.

Poly (Film) Products: Normal Poly, Blister Poly, Adhesive Poly, PP Poly, LDPE Poly, Hanger Poly,

Poly bag etc.

Plastics/ Metal/ Patch Products: Plastic Button (Chalk/Pearl), P.P. Band, Plastic Clip, Collar Insert,

Metal Clip, Tag pin, Hanger, Leather Patch, Fake Leather, Jute String, String, all kinds of Stopper &

Buckle, Metal Button(Snap/Sang ), Eyelet, move tag, Heat Seal Rivet, Heat Seal Stone etc.

Tape Products: Printed Gum Tape, Velcro Hook & Loop, Twill Tape, Drawstring, Draw cord, Reflective

Tape, Belt Etc.

Thread Products: Felt Fabrics, Felt Circle, Embroidery Badge, Twill Fabrics, Skin Print, Rubber Print,

Flak Print Etc.

Elastic Products: Whole Elastic, Plane Elastic, Elastic Ribbon, Elastic Webbing, Elastic Band Etc.

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