Razib Ahmed is the editor of ecombd.net (www.ecombd.net), a blog on e-commerce sector of Bangladesh. He has been working as a freelance ICT journalist since 1999 and written several hundred reports, articles, interviews, features, translations etc in different newspapers and magazines of Bangladesh. On May 2000 issue of Monthly Computer Bichitra (an ICT magazine of the country), Razib wrote a cover story on e-commerce. He has been interested about e-commerce since then. Razib and his team provided research and other support to the first ever E-commerce Directory of Bangladesh published during Dhaka e-commerce Fair 2014.

Razib Ahmed worked with Bangladesh Computer Samity (BCS) and helped them with media and publishing activities during BCS Computer Show 2004 and 2005. He also supportedInternet Service Providers Association Bangladesh (ISPAB) during Internet Fair 2005.

Razib Ahmed has worked with The Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization (ASOCIO) during 2013-14. He worked there as Assistant to Chairman. Under the guidance of ASOCIO Chairman, Razib managed the ASOCIO e-newsletter (published quarterly) and contributed in the publication of ASOCIO 30th Years’ Anniversary Commemorative Book.
Blogging is one of the areas that interested Razib a lot. He started professional blogging in July 2005. He then joined the California based Know More Media Blog Network in March 2006 and wrote in their two blogs SouthAsiaBiz and IndianRaj. In fact, Razib received Know More Media’s Incredible Author Award for July 2006. He has written several thousand blog posts in different blogs during 2005-2014.

Razib Ahmed studied in University of Dhaka, Notre Dame College and Willes Little Flower. After finishing his education, he worked in several universities as a Lecturer and Teaching Assistant.

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