REBUS Media Limited (RML) – a socially responsible integrated video and digital marketing organization established in 2015 as a limited company under the Companies Act (Act XVIII) of 1994 of Bangladesh. REBUS has been formed with a firm commitment to provide quality services for its clients with effective and innovative business strategies and ideas especially through proper utilization of mass media.

REBUS programs give a wide range of opportunities such as; having a connection with people, creating, sharing and disseminating contents, gaining and searching information on unlimited number of subjects and staying up to date through digital content making issues and perspectives.


Recognized as a leading service provider in the field of digital marketing through advancing socially committed business opportunities, designing joint intervention programs, and establishing networks with all the socio-economic actors


 Innovate, develop and provide user-friendly, adaptable, and inclusive solutions to present and future requirements in the digital marketing sector.   Optimize the growth of the digital marketing sector in Bangladesh maintaining greater awareness of the links between business and human rights.


 Believe in respect, loyalty and open with all the clients.  Recognize that the people who make up REBUS are our greatest asset.  Value the inter-relatedness of the business and society on a global level.  Choose to work with firms and organizations that deliver products and services in an ethical and socially responsible manner.


5.1  Research: The research department is basically established to work with organization’s needs, gaps, priorities, and evaluations and to report back on the progress against the activities. The functions of this department are to engage in new program research and development, existing updates, quality checks and innovation. The functions of this department are closely related to the functions of the marketing, communication, production and other divisions, requiring collaboration.

5.2  Consultancy: The consultancy department provides different types of services e.g. program development, project proposal writing, conduction of survey/ study, content development, translation, report writing, programs evaluation etc.

5.3  Design: This department is responsible for all sorts of computer graphic design, web design and development, title animation etc. The department also oversees various creative and design projects for the clients. The team members often work in advertising, marketing, graphic design, and public relations also.

5.4  Public Relation: PR department is a vital part of maintaining the REBUS images and of communicating its message to its customers, investors and the general public. Through a positive perception of the company PR is contributing to increase its working areas and improve its bottom line. Maintaining and managing relationship with the media is one of the core functions of the department.

5.5  Event Management: Since its beginning, REBUS successfully has contributed to different event management issues and perspectives. Several types of services are given by this department e.g. program arrangement, implementation of program related tasks, media management, communication issues, photography, organize training/ workshops etc.

5.6  TV Software: This is one of the most important departments of REBUS, as it focuses on developing and producing TV programs as per need. The main activities include – TV program design and development, broadcasting/ telecasting, news/ feature gathering, live TV show, advertisement, production of information and educational materials, organize tutorials, public service announcement, produce drama and video documentaries on subject specific issues etc.

5.7  Social Media Management (SMM): This department has been established with a view to provide services through ICT interventions, which includes – web development, search engine optimization, online marketing; content automation; SME and e-commerce marketing, social media campaign, online PR, online management, online copyright management, display advertising, e–books etc.

5.8  Marketing and Communication: This department is basically a combination of both branding and image building initiatives. It includes, communication and advocacy with the relevant stakeholders, networking with other organizations and associations, online marketing, sales promotion, media monitoring, explore business opportunities, TV software marketing, SMM etc.

6. HOW WE WORK By cherish of vision, REBUS is developing itself through initiating innovative, cost effective and quality service in the area of digital marketing. For the smooth facilitation of different operational and management roles and responsibilities, REBUS established following four departments –

6.1  Human Resource The human resources department provides support to maintain the organizational structure and the ability to meet business needs through managing company’s most valuable resources – its employees. It deals with workplace safety, employee relations, compensation and benefits, compliance, and training and development etc. REBUS is planning to develop a comprehensive HR policy from compliance point of view.

6.2  Administration As the backbone of REBUS, the administration department ensures the smooth flow of information from one part to other. The main role of this department is to ensure the efficient performance of all departments. It acts as a connecting link between the senior management and the employees. It also provides motivation to the work force and makes them realize the goals of the organization. The administration department ensures effective coordination of projects and management of their inter-dependencies including oversight of any risks and issues arising. REBUS wishes to develop an inclusive Administration Policy in future.

6.3  Finance and Accounts The finance and accounts department covers a wide range from basic bookkeeping to providing information to assisting staffs in making strategic decisions. It is also responsible for management of the organization’s cash flow and ensuring there are enough funds available to meet the day to day payments.  This department takes care of the effective management and improvement of the operations by measuring and reporting regularly on key numbers crucial to the success of the organization. It also strengthens the harmonization of the new capability for the business to enable effective change and realisation of projected benefits.

6.4  Program The program department ensures smooth functionality of activities including planning, designing and implementing projects; proactively monitor the progresses, and initiate appropriate corrective actions. The department maintains the delivery of services to the proper level of quality, comprehensiveness, on time and within budget, in accordance with the program plan and governance arrangements.


7.1 REBUS has a well-built program and production unit with skilled and motivated staffs, and organizational resources e.g. ICT packages, professional camera, editing panel, animation studio, graphic designing facility etc.

7.2 REBUS team members have both technical and strategic expertise in planning, designing and managing successful digital solutions and services.

7.3 A group of subject specific experts e.g. program strategy and development; pre – during – post production activities; communications, program/ project management and implementation etc. are also established.

7.4 Throughout the years of experiences in media, corporate and development field, REBUS team members have a strong relationship and network with different stakeholders e.g. GOs NGOs, development partners, policy makers, civil society, corporate sectors and the media as well.


REBUS is a sister concern of an NGO named Children’s Television Foundation of Bangladesh (CTFB). CTFB usually has been working on children and media issues since 2005. Over the years CTFB has been approaching development initiatives focusing children and media in line with the national and global commitments. While implementing different project activities, CTFB has identified some business opportunities through establishing a digital marketing company. In partnership with CTFB, REBUS wishes to move forward along with performing social compliance issues.

REBUS is also in a close touch with MAAPSI, a network of almost 250 local NGOs in Bangladesh. Soon REBUS will be formally engaged with this network, which would give wider areas of work to do through Right Based Approaches (RBA) in line with both the national and global developmental commitment with specific focus on child rights, women empowerment issues.


Within the broader media and digital marketing based framework, REBUS is currently giving special attention to encourage partnerships and/or sponsorship with the corporate sector to maximize coverage, quality and comprehensiveness of its determinations. REBUS thinks partnerships –   are essential to ensure the effectiveness of aid;  provide opportunities to combine the strengths of each partner to transform societies;  create opportunities to strengthen innovative approaches and programming;  allow for a greater exchange and transfer of knowledge across organizations in different fields of expertise;  mobilize financial resources from governments, foundations and the corporate sector;

REBUS has – a. Technical experiences and expertise; b. Skilled and motivated human resources; c. Ready field of operation; d. Brand value and client’s trust;

Sponsor’s benefits – deriving from this partnership include: a. Enhance organizational social compliance; b. Boost (protects) the reputation and brand image; c. Promote morale, and loyalty;

d. Apply corporate values; e. Improve business relationships e.g. with GOs, NGOs and mass media as well;

REBUS –  a. will be responsible for overall management and implementation of its activities with the financial support from the sponsor; b. will ensure quality, transparency, and accountability through periodic monitoring of the program planning, management and implementation; c. will maintain strong financial procedures as it has an in-built finance compliance and protocol system;

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