Serve Bangladesh Society is a trusted umbrella for Bangladesh’s charitable nonprofits. Through our powerful network and its active members we serve as a coordinator to mobilize nonprofits for greater collective impact in local communities across the country.

Vision: The vision of “Serve Bangladesh Society” (SBS) is to unite all charitable and/or non-profit initiatives taken by individuals, groups or organizations aiming only at the public welfare in Bangladesh. The society looks forward to establishing an enlightened, just and democratic society free from the evils of illiteracy, poverty and all forms of exploitations irrespective of age, sex and ethnicity.

Mission: “Serve Bangladesh Society” (SBS) is a non-profitable, non-political, voluntary and charitable organization. It is organized under the Society Registration Act 1860, Bangladesh, for only charitable and development purposes. Its immediate objective is to promote and facilitate any literary, scientific or charitable purposes within the meaning of Section XXI of the Society Registration Act 1860, Bangladesh, as amended, or the corresponding section of any future Society Registration Act.