Dear Traveler

It is our great pleasure to introduce Silver Wave Tours Ltd. as one of the leading tour operator company in the tourism sector in Bangladesh. Since our inception, we handled a lot of inbound and out bound tours successfully. We have a good reputation in the tourism field, both in Bangladesh and abroad. We know the choice and taste of a tourist so we are cordially inviting you to explore Bangladesh with us.

Bangladesh is a country with colorful culture and history. You can discover countless virgin ancient monuments, natural beauty of the landscape or witness ordinary life of the people in rural villages.

For the foreign tourists, Bangladesh is a perfect destination because, as a destination, Bangladesh is an educational and enjoyable experience for any traveler who might bring some sweet memories with them when they back to their countries.

We do offer a choice of wide verity with the combination of culture, nature and adventure, with our professional expertise. We select some of the finest hotels, restaurants, cruise ships and professional guides available for your comfort and pleasure.

We have maintained the philosophy of providing our customers with high quality, all inclusive tour packages with outstanding customer service at reasonable prices. We believe in customers satisfaction so we never compromise with the services.

We are trying to highlights, some tourist attractions in Bangladesh through our brochure, so that you can easily select your area of visit.

If you wish to know about us more in detail, please do not hesitate to write for the same. We will more then happy to provide all in detail for your confidence.

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