What Is sindabad.com?

sindabad.com is an online shopping place for anything and everything that you need to run your factory or office.

An ecommerce shop from Zero Gravity Ventures Limited, sindabad.com is the first of its kind business-to-business (B2B) one-stop purchasing solution site in Bangladesh. It brings the best of the products at the best value – delivered right at your factory or business premise.

How Can You Benefit Using sindabad.com?

All the regular purchase items in one place

The site currently hosts over 4,300 SKUs in nearly 1,700 products across 4 categories. Simply put what you want to ‘search’, and voila – we have it! And you don’t have to go to 4 different markets, check with tens of vendors to check the best price or product – we have everything under one site!

Save those precious man-hours!

Depending on the size of your business, you have yourself or a team of personnel constantly engaged at various shopping districts and sites of the city to do you regular operational purchases.

Well, sindabad.com takes away those hassles and saves your valuable man-hours! No need to travel through the traffic, sweat at the old markets, or haggle with different vendors. You can simply log into our site and check the prices, and place order in a few clicks.

Brings you the best value

Get the best deals in the country! No one can beat our price- we repeat no one can beat our price! And that too with the right quality!

No-questions asked return and refund policy

Did you order something other than what you intended for? Do you feel that you need a different quality or specification of products? No problem – we shall simply take refund within 3 days of delivery!

Delivery at your factory or business premise

Yes – forget about those horrendous traffic and delays! We shall deliver the products for a token delivery charge right at your factory or office!

Purchasing Has Never Been So Easy!

Browse through the website and order your products. You can also call our hotline 0961-2002244 to learn and place orders!

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