Meet a pioneer, a dreamer, an achiever Mr. Tanvir A Mishuk. At the age of 30 he is most successful businessman of Bangladesh as well as international recognized figure. Tanvir A Mishuk was born in 1984. He grew up in a traditional family and received his education at Government school, where he participate many national event at the age of sixteen. Tanvir A Mishuk started his first company when he was seventeen – a student Advisory Centre. By 2004, Tanvir had started a full-fledged business for advertising & corporate event management and that gave him the chance to involve himself in activities like marketing and advertising.

In 2010, he realized that this business would remain small. So he moved out to Singapore and the turning point came in, with in 1 year of operation worldwide most of the telecom companies who have international voice minutes for Bangladesh started connecting with his company Telekom Asia. This telecom company was found on the concept of offering competitive and high quality voice service and economy service worldwide. It is now the second largest international voice operator for BD CLI market. Tanvir A Mishuk said years ago, “I want Telekom Asia to be as well-known in telecom industry as TATA.” We think the days are not so far.
Now he runs many different companies. They include telecommunications, software development, trading, travel agency, international franchise restaurants and forex trading, all are under TASIA GROUP. He bought almost a dying restaurant in Singapore in 2012. As soon as he’s taken over the restaurant, it becomes not only best Persian restaurant in Singapore but also in whole Asia. It also got award for best restaurant in 2014. He’s stared forex and online share & bond trading business in 2013, everyday this business portfolio is increasing dramatically. His software development company “I Business” is another most successful venture of him. His most recent venture is Chewy Junior in F&B industry which is an international franchise donuts shop operating in 11 countries. Mr. Tanvir has brought it to Bangladesh in May 2015. Most of his ventures have recognized internationally and have earned many awards. Always on the move and making an impact and excelling in whatever he did, this clear thinking risk taker has changed the face of the business space. Now he heads a successful empire focused on different areas of business through independent Joint Venture companies. In spite of his deep involvement in work, Tanvir the man, is calm, seldom ruffled and very down to earth.

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